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    Jul 06, 2015 HMO Refinance
    Gurkha Property
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    Gurkha Property provide an excellent alternative source of funds for Commercial, HMO and BTL mortgages. In some parts of the UK where the property and land values are higher, Interbay require just 110% rental cover which means that an experienced investor can potentially leverage more borrowing against a property generating rental income than they could with some alternative commercial lenders such as Shawbrook or Aldermore.

    Interbay do offer interest only mortgages where the term of the loan is 10 years or less and on a repayment basis the loan term can be as much as 30 years depending on the age of the investor. Furthermore, where an investor is refurbishing a property and looking to refinance within 6 months of purchase, Interbay will allow a remortgage inside of the 6 months.

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      Gurkha Property is the newly launched Property & Real Estate service in United Kingdom in order to help the people to find their best residential, renting apartment or houses, and many other services for the people who need it most. We always find the best possible deals for you.