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    Jul 06, 2015 Rent to Rent
    Gurkha Property
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    What is Rent2Rent?

    Rent2Rent means taking control of a property from a struggling landlord and transforming it into a corporate accommodation instead.

    We invest certain amount to take on the property  i.e. rents and deposits and agency fees (if applicable). We refurb and manage them well if necessary

    We let out each room individually to Corporate Working Tenants. Gurkha Property works to provide our clients the best possible rent that they are looking. We value the major demands and provide rent services accordingly.

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      Gurkha Property

      Gurkha Property is the newly launched Property & Real Estate service in United Kingdom in order to help the people to find their best residential, renting apartment or houses, and many other services for the people who need it most. We always find the best possible deals for you.