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    When we sells off the apartments, we  must be sure to reserve any rights he might need to develop the plot, for example for access, running of services etc. we might should  take advice from a planning consultant, before selling the apartments, of the likelihood of getting planning consent to develop the plot.  we should also check the current title in case there are any old restrictive covenants limiting development, although if there are it will probably be possible to get indemnity insurance against the risk of anyone trying to enforce them.

    Gurkha property is providing micro flats to the buyers. Micro flats  is a  self-contained living space, usually purpose built, designed to accommodate a sitting space, sleeping space, bathroom and kitchenette with a size of 4-10 square metres (43-107 square feet, 1.2-3). In some cases, residents may also have access to a communal kitchen, communal bathroom/shower,patio and roof  (though this might be more closely related to a dorm).

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